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Optimizing Your Bathroom Storage With New Cabinetry

Posted on: May 1, 2022
By: Mike Abatiell

If you are remodeling a bathroom in your home, one of your primary considerations for the space will likely be storage. There are many different items found in the bathroom that require unique storage solutions. From small toiletries to bulky towels to spare rolls of toilet tissue, clutter can quickly pile up in the bathroom. With the right storage layout in your bathroom cabinets, however, you’ll have a place for everything, so your space is always a tidy and organized retreat in your home.

The right storage solutions for your bathroom will depend on the size, layout, and frequency of use of the space. For example, a spacious master bathroom will offer much more potential for linen cabinets and custom shelving than a small guest bathroom. In this blog post, we’ll explore some unique bathroom cabinetry features that can solve your storage problems and help you get the most out of your bathroom remodel. 

Vanity Storage

From powder rooms to master bathrooms, all bathrooms will feature some type of vanity. Vanities provide space for storage under the sink, and they may be attached to taller cabinets that offer even more storage potential. One common mistake that homeowners make is installing bathroom vanities that contain large, open shelves where items are easily lost or shuffled around. The following features can optimize your bathroom vanity storage for improved functionality. 

  • Hamper Roll-Out – If dirty clothes and towels tend to pile up in your bathroom, a hamper roll-out can offer an elegant and convenient solution. A rolling platform allows you to place a removable clothes hamper under the sink to discreetly house dirty linens and clothing until laundry day. A similar design can be utilized for a hidden wastebasket. 
  • Vanity Drawers – For some items, conventional shelves simply don’t make sense. For example, makeup and skincare products may be much easier to organize and access from a drawer rather than a cabinet shelf. For even more convenience, add a spice rack drawer insert to make small items more visible and accessible. With this layout, you can place labels facing up, so you can easily spot the makeup, moisturizer, or nail polish you’re looking for. 
  • Roll-Out Trays – For taller items that still have a small footprint, roll-out trays are a great storage solution. These trays allow you to pull out your vanity shelving so you can access items in the back with ease. Peer into the back of a cabinet to reach lesser-used items hidden on the shelf, no acrobatics required!
  • Tambour Storage Cabinet – There may be some frequently used items in your bathroom that make sense to store on the countertop, but that you don’t always want in view. For these items, tambour storage cabinets offer an elegant solution. These cabinets are mounted right on the countertop and feature a space-saving rolling door that lifts for easy access. Tambour storage cabinets can even include built-in outlets, making them the perfect place to house hair dryers and other bathroom appliances. 
Linene Cabinet

Linen Cabinets 

In larger bathrooms, you may have additional space to include linen cabinets where you can store towels, robes, spare loofahs, and other essentials. Open vertical columns are perfect for storing rolled towels, while oversized drawers can offer a home to hand towels, soaps, and soaking salts. Linen cabinets may feature a floor-to-ceiling design, or they might be vanity height cabinets that offer additional counter space, which may be ideal in shared bathrooms. 

Medicine Cabinets 

In powder rooms and other smaller bathrooms, medicine cabinets are a must-have storage feature. These often replace traditional vanity mirrors and have mirrored doors with shallow shelves inside to provide space for personal care items. Because of their shallow design, medicine cabinets may also be integrated in tight spaces where a little extra storage is desired, such as over the toilet or behind the bathroom door. 

Choosing the Right Bathroom Cabinets

Once you have an idea of the types of storage features you want in your bathroom cabinetry, it’s time to focus on design. Bathroom cabinets may showcase a variety of styles, but you will want to look at those designed specifically for the humid conditions of the bathroom. Treated hardwood is an option if you desire a traditional look. However, many homeowners choose to explore their creativity with colorful painted laminate cabinets. Alternatively, white bathroom cabinets can offer a timeless, clean look that captures a spa-like elegance for your space. 

Selecting the right cabinetry for your bathroom can be a tough decision. You may browse a wide range of samples before you land on the right look for your space. At Abatiello Design Center, we can provide the insight you need to choose the perfect cabinets with the right layout for your daily routine. We carry Merillat Cabinetry with several collections in stock to fit into any budget. Merillat Cabinetry is known for time-tested quality with a huge variety of design choices, so you are sure to find cabinets that fit your tastes. 

Visit our Rutland showroom to take a look at your options, or call us at (802) 773-6300 to schedule an in-home design consultation. 

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