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Exploring Kitchen Design Trends to Inspire Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted on: April 15, 2022
By: Mike Abatiell

Kitchen design trends are always evolving. That’s why your kitchen may begin to feel dated over time. While you don’t want to rely too heavily on design trends for your kitchen remodel, it is important to consider what’s currently in style, so your space feels fresh and modern once renovations are complete. 

Here at Abatiello Design Center, we’re always keeping an eye on design trends so we can stock the most in-demand materials and provide our clients with an informed perspective for their custom projects. Continue reading for a look at some current kitchen trends that are likely to maintain lasting appeal. 

Open Concept Kitchen Designs

Kitchens used to be tucked away in floor plans, serving only as functional spaces rather than hubs for gathering and entertaining as well as cooking. However, the days of galley kitchens and compartmentalized floor plans are gone. 

For years, homeowners have favored open-concept designs that integrate the kitchen into the rest of the living space, allowing for a more spacious feel and greater potential for entertaining. The trend of open concept kitchens isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, so you may begin your remodel by knocking down walls if you have an older home. While converting to an open concept design may involve more demolition, it is also likely to boost the value of your home because this design choice is so popular. 

kitchen design trends

Colorful Cabinetry

While all-white kitchens have been a mainstay in kitchen designs for years, they are starting to lose their charm with homeowners. With an all-white theme, upkeep can be a challenge, especially in homes with young kids. 

Adding a splash of color or showcasing the natural beauty of unpainted wood adds a touch of warmth to the kitchen. If you do stick with painted cabinetry for your new kitchen, warm neutral tones like taupe and tan can capture the same clean look as pure white cabinetry with a little more depth and a more forgiving finish that won’t show every speck of dust and dirt. 

Want a look that’s bolder, but not overwhelming? Shades of green are on-trend in 2022. From muted shades to bold emerald and olive tones, green color palettes can suit just about any taste. You might also consider mixing and matching cabinetry choices to create your perfect design. For example, you may choose painted green cabinets under your countertops with a natural wood finish overhead. 

Island Living

If you want to increase the functionality of your kitchen, adding an island will help you do just that. Kitchen islands are incredibly popular because they provide more counter space, storage, and seating. If you have lots of space in your kitchen layout, consider double kitchen islands or a multi-tiered island that serves as a multipurpose centerpiece for your kitchen. 

kitchen design trends

Small Appliance Storage 

Small kitchen appliances are having their moment in the spotlight. Instant pots, air fryers, and countertop steam ovens are appealing to home chefs thanks to their ease of use and versatility. However, storing all these small appliances can create a challenge. Even if you have ample countertop real estate, you probably don’t want a bulky air fryer or instant pot creating a large permanent footprint. 

Instead, consider customizing your cabinetry so you have a dedicated space for your favorite small appliances. Oversized drawers and pull-out shelving allow for easy access to large, stored items. You can make room for this type of storage by ditching the classic double oven in your kitchen design, as double ovens are now making kitchens feel dated. 

Bigger Backsplashes 

When it comes to backsplashes, bigger is better. Low backsplashes are out, in large part because they’re limited in their functionality. Backsplashes are meant to make cleanup easier for the inevitable messes that happen during food prep. If your backsplash only covers 4-6 inches of wall space, it’s not going to do much to protect the rest of the wall. 

Make the most of this essential kitchen feature by extending backsplashes from your countertops all the way to the bottoms of upper cabinets. In terms of materials, tile can give you a wide range of design possibilities. 

kitchen design

Back in Black 

When you’re creating your custom kitchen design, don’t overlook the details. Accents like plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and drawer pulls can bring the whole look of your kitchen together. Currently, there is an uptick in the popularity of black accent details, which offer a modern and sleek look to finish any space. 

If you’re ready to plan a kitchen remodel in Vermont, Abatiello Design Center is your one-stop shop to get your project done. Begin with an in-home design consultation or visit our expansive Rutland showroom to explore a huge inventory of cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and more. For more inspiration to guide your kitchen renovations, explore our project galleries to see some of our completed remodels.  

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