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Get Inspired with These Kitchen Design Trends

Posted on: February 20, 2024
By: Mike Abatiell

The new year is the perfect time to embark on a remodeling project. You can start fresh and take design inspiration from interior design experts that are forecasting kitchen design trends for 2024. While you don’t need to follow trends, looking at these choices will make it easier for you to determine what you do and don’t want. Let’s look at the kitchen design trends that experts are forecasting this year. 

Taking Inspiration from the Joy of Living

In past years, the primary decorating trend was minimalism paired with neutral colors like taupe, beige, gray, and shades of white. For 2024, interior design experts are predicting that people are searching for inspiration for home design elements in the joy of living. They predict there will be a return to controlled maximalism, brighter colors, cheerful prints, botanicals, mismatched patterns, and a more ‘lived in’ look rather than a room that looks like it has never been used. 

Colors and Designs from Nature

One of the biggest trends we will see throughout 2024 and possibly beyond is using colors and designs from nature as inspiration for interior decor. For instance, using pale teal and shell white to paint your kitchen and using pale coral accents for a tile backsplash, curtains, and rug. You will also see textile, upholstery, tile, and wallpaper patterns with designs inspired by nature, particularly colorful botanicals, birds, jungle animals, plants, and undersea images. If you aren’t crazy about embracing bold, colorful, nature-inspired patterns and designs, you can use more muted colors inspired by the natural world and incorporate natural wood, stone, and textiles into your decor.

Return to Natural Light

Rather than using overhead lighting, interior design experts predict we will see a return to using natural lighting in each room. No more heavy, oppressive curtains and draperies hiding the light and blocking out the view. Instead, there will be layered drapery that can be opened during the day to let in natural light, or gauzy curtains that offer privacy but still allow natural light to come in. Allowing natural light into your home can boost your mood and productivity, help you focus, and make your home seem bigger and brighter.   

Combining a Wide Variety of Materials

Another big trend for 2024 interior design that is particularly effective in a kitchen and dining area is combining a wide variety of materials in your decor. The goal is to create a space that looks warm, inviting, and lived in. Designers and home remodelers will find more creative ways to use natural materials for countertops, flooring, textiles, and more. There will be integration of stone and metal detailing into kitchen cabinetry, and exposed metal hardware rather than hidden or painted hardware. Homeowners may also return to using more sustainable materials, such as sourced wood. Consider using natural wood for a butcher block countertop, natural stone flooring, and kitchen cabinetry that is unpainted and displays its natural grain. 

More Saturated Hues

As we drift away from the muted, neutral tones that have permeated most areas of interior design for the last decade, we move into an era of saturated hues and a bold acceptance of color. Adding pops of color to your interior decor, especially your kitchen, will make it seem warmer, more vibrant, and full of life. If you aren’t fully ready to embrace colorful decor, you can try out a colorful accent wall or contrasting colors with neutral tones. For instance, consider painting your kitchen cabinets and island a deep, rich ocean blue, using gold hardware throughout, installing warm brown luxury vinyl flooring and cream tiled backsplashes, and using a natural wood or natural stone countertop. 

Using Natural Materials for Dramatic Effect

Along with leaving minimalism behind, many interior design experts predict that home decor elements and accents will tend more towards dramatic flair. Using natural stone like marble, travertine, granite, and slate for countertops and flooring and even for kitchen backsplashes will create a kind of cohesive dramatic effect. Combining these dramatic natural materials with softer, muted hues and more romantic textiles will create a beautiful effect. For instance, picture using dark soapstone for your kitchen countertops, pale wood or natural stone for your flooring, combined with kitchen cabinets and a kitchen island painted a deep gray and a backsplash of pale rose and deep pink tiles with gauzy white curtains in the windows and shiny black appliances installed. Combining dramatic natural materials with softer, more romantic colors and textiles can create a lot of flair in your kitchen.

Ornate Lighting Fixtures

In addition to steering clear of fluorescent overhead lighting in 2024, interior designers predict we will see a return to more overstated, larger than life design elements, and that extends to lighting fixtures. With minimalism on its way out, we will see statement lighting fixtures that create a focal design piece in each room. For instance, in the kitchen you could install a chandelier over the kitchen island, accented with pendant lamps and task lighting elsewhere in the kitchen. Consider using a chandelier crafted from natural materials like wood, metal, coral, driftwood, or rattan combined with metal hardware in matte, satin, or brushed gold finishes. 

Embark on Your Kitchen Remodel Journey

At Abatiello Design Center, we can help you embark on your kitchen remodel journey in 2024. Whether you need added storage or want to update your entire kitchen design or floor plan, our experts can help. We offer exceptional kitchen remodeling services in Rutland, VT and beyond that can address each and every concern you have and help you bring your dream kitchen to life. We specialize in kitchen flooring, cabinets, countertops, and hardware, and you can work directly with our design consultants, contractors, and installers each step of the way. Our commitment to detail, customer service, communication, and quality will ensure you end up with a kitchen that exceeds your expectations. To schedule a kitchen remodel consultation in Upstate New York, Vermont, or New Hampshire, call us today at (802) 773-6300 or contact us online.

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