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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen design involves many different features, but your cabinets will be the centerpiece of your kitchen remodel. Kitchen cabinets provide the framework for how the room is laid out and how you will use the space once your remodel is complete. Abatiello Design Center can help you be sure that you choose the right kitchen cabinetry for your dream kitchen by offering our design expertise and comprehensive service from design through installation.

Find your perfect kitchen cabinets at Abatiello Design Center

Kitchen Cabinets

Designing your dream kitchen with the right cabinets from Abatiello Design Center

Ideal Kitchen Layouts

Before you start picking out cabinets, you’ll want to think about your ideal kitchen layout. L- shaped, G-shaped, U-shaped, and galley kitchens are the most common. Within your chosen layout, you’ll want to think about the types of kitchen storage that will function best at every workspace, such as the stove/oven, sink, and food storage/prep areas. Once you have an idea of your functional needs for your cabinetry, you can focus on aesthetics.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets: Choosing Your Materials and Finish

You’ll have no shortage of design choices for your new kitchen cabinets. Whether you want to capture a modern, vintage, traditional, or farmhouse aesthetic in your kitchen, your cabinets will be a key piece of your look.
Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Many homeowners prefer the timeless characteristics of hardwood—not to mention its durability. Cherry wood is among the most popular because it offers a distinctive wood grain with natural variations. In addition, the wood darkens over time as it matures. However, you have many other options for solid wood, including rustic alder, oak, maple, birch, and hickory. Birch is a common choice for modern kitchens that can brighten the space with its lighter color. Alternatively, alder offers a unique appeal with the natural beauty of knots and mineral streaks. Any hardwood can also be enhanced with different stains to either downplay or highlight natural grain patterns.

Engineered Wood

If you want solid white or colorful cabinets, engineered wood options will be a great choice. EverCore© and Thermofoil finishes offer exceptional durability and humidity resistance. With EverCore©, no wood grain is seen, so paint coats the surface evenly with no color variations. Thermofoil offers a tighter grain pattern that adds a subtle texture to white or gray cabinet faces.


Laminate cabinets feature a medium-density fiberboard core that’s covered with a thermo plastic polymer wrap for a smooth finish that’s easy to clean. You’ll also have a huge range of color choices with laminate cabinets.

Cabinet Door Shapes 
and Styles

Door shapes will be another key consideration for the look of your kitchen cabinets. Raised doors allow for intricate designs like arches, cathedral style doors, and geometric patterns, while recessed doors provide a clean, modern look. Slab doors are a minimalist contemporary option, which can showcase the beauty of your chosen hardwood. You may choose to feature a single door shape throughout the kitchen, or you might choose one style for undercounter cabinets and another for your overhead cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is the finishing touch for your kitchen. Drawer pulls, knobs, and hinges can all make a statement in your space, and you’ll have a wide range of choices in our showroom.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Our process for kitchen remodeling includes everything from initial designs to installation for a convenient, streamlined experience to customize your space.

1. Schedule a consultation

Kick off your kitchen remodel with a design consultation and free estimate from Abatiello Design Center. We can help you be sure that you choose the right kitchen cabinetry for your dream kitchen.

2. Product selection

Find a great selection of kitchen cabinets to fit into your dream kitchen at Abatiello Design Center. Our custom and semi-custom cabinetry selection will be a key feature of your kitchen remodel.

3. Product installation

Count on our specialized team of experts and professional installers to build your dream kitchen. We install kitchen cabinetry throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Upstate New York.
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Cabinets will be the centerpiece of your kitchen remodel, schedule your design consultation with our project specialist.
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Why choose Abatiello Design Center for your kitchen cabinetry installation?

One stop shop solutions

Abatiello Design Center can help you be sure that you choose the right kitchen cabinetry for your dream kitchen by offering our design expertise and comprehensive service from design through installation.

Committed to excellence

We carry Merillat Cabinetry, which is renowned for quality craftsmanship and a wide range of modern and classic styles. In addition, we offer custom kitchen cabinetry to help fulfill any design you may envision.

Professional team of experts

Our skilled project specialists and professional installers will ensure that your project is carried out to perfection. And help you to be sure that you choose the right cabinetry for your dream kitchen.
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