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Cabinetry Trends to Consider for Your Kitchen Renovations

Posted on: December 27, 2022
By: Mike Abatiell

Updating your kitchen cabinets is a simple way to not only improve the beauty and functionality of your kitchen, but also increase your home’s resale value should you decide to sell. Your kitchen cabinetry is a focal point of your kitchen design and can set the tone for your overall decor. Kitchen cabinets also offer valuable storage space, increasing your counter space and improving the flow of the kitchen. Here’s a look at some kitchen cabinetry trends to consider for your kitchen renovation:

Natural Wood

Natural wood cabinetry was once considered outdated or unattractive, but it’s now experiencing a revival in popularity. This is likely because natural wood is attractive, versatile, durable, and easily updated. Natural wood can be stained or painted any time you feel like your kitchen cabinets need a refresh, and wood cabinetry complements every single design motif and aesthetic you could dream up for your kitchen remodel. You can also install wood cabinetry in almost any style or decor, making it easier than ever to match your home’s style and aesthetic.

Shaker Style Cabinetry

Shaker style cabinetry has long been in fashion and is a classic style of kitchen cabinets. Shaker cabinets work with all other styles and aesthetics, and they will never look dated. You can install Shaker cabinetry in a minimalist kitchen to enhance that aesthetic or use the simplicity of Shaker cabinetry to complement busier design elements elsewhere in the kitchen.

Color Blocking

Color blocking your kitchen cabinets involves using different groups, or blocks, of color to create a unique aesthetic and brighten up a monochromatic kitchen. If you’re adventurous and want a fun, easy way to liven up your kitchen, use different colors of paint on the face of your cabinetry, or alternate between two complementary colors. You can even use muted colors if you want a safer take on this trend—for instance, use different shades of gray or cream on the top and bottom cabinetry. 

European Cabinetry

European style cabinetry is also called frameless cabinetry. These kitchen cabinets are simple, clean, and seamless. They work well in minimalist kitchens or ones that are inspired by Nordic or Scandinavian design. They also integrate well with other design styles as they are so simple and easy on the eyes. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a timeless style that works best in minimalist kitchens. If you have dishes, appliances, cookware, and decorative accessories that you want to display, you can use floating shelves rather than traditional kitchen cabinetry. Floating shelves or open-concept shelving requires a “less is more” approach, however, as it’s easy for the space to look overly cluttered or messy if too many things are crammed onto the shelves.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is popular those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen and have a lot of appliances that they want to store out of sight. This style of kitchen cabinets offers up to twice the amount of storage space as traditional kitchen cabinets, and is particularly useful in kitchens that don’t have a kitchen island or pantry. Taller kitchen cabinets also create the illusion of higher ceilings and more space in kitchens that are on the smaller side.

Glass-Front Cabinetry

Glass-front cabinetry is perfect for kitchens that have a light, open, and airy feel to them. They give the eye a break from wall-to-wall cabinetry and create a display case for collectibles, dishes, and glassware that you want people to notice. You can even alternate between glass-front and traditional kitchen cabinets for a fresh, unique aesthetic. If the rest of your cabinetry, such as drawers, hardware, and large kitchen appliances, are in a darker color, glass-front kitchen cabinets can lighten up the room. 

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