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Home Renovations to Plan for in the New Year

Posted on: February 20, 2023
By: Mike Abatiell

If you’ve been putting off doing a home renovation for the past few years due to the pandemic, there’s no better time to finally get started than now! You’ll find it’s easier to source high-quality materials, workmanship, and designs at a great cost now more than ever before. Here’s a list of home renovations you should consider planning in the new year.

Get Organized and Start Planning

Before you embark on your home remodeling plans for 2023, take some time to get organized. You’ll have a much better idea of what you want to do in each room if you map and plan it out carefully. Go room by room and make a list of pros and cons for each space. Then make a list of wants, needs, and live without. This is a good jumping off point for you to consider what you absolutely must consider during your home renovation, what would be nice if you could afford it, and what you can do without for another year. You can also ask yourself some simple questions to get started:

  • Why do you want to renovate? 
  • Who will benefit most from your home remodel? 
  • How do you feel in your home now, the way it is? 
  • How do you want to feel in your home? 
  • What does your dream home look like?
  • What are your biggest impediments to enjoying your home right now? 
  • Is there anything about your home that you would love to never have to deal with again? 

Streamline and Declutter

Once you’ve started planning and organizing your home remodel, take some time to streamline and declutter. Cleaning out each room will give you more of a sense of its focal point and how it will look when it’s redone. It will also give you a jump start on the cleaning you’ll need to do before any home renovation work actually starts! Once each room is decluttered, think about what needs to change about the space in order to make it work best for you and your family. Make notes for each room, focusing on what it would be nice to have, what would make things easier, and what would make you happier.

Focus on Flooring

One of the simplest and most cost-effective home renovation jobs you can start with is your home’s flooring. Even if you don’t do any other type of home remodeling project this year, a new flooring installation can make your home look brand new and totally change its ambience and comfort level. When choosing your new flooring, consider how high traffic each room is, how well the current flooring has stood up, and how much maintenance you want to do once the flooring installation is complete. Luxury vinyl, tile, stone, and laminate are great options for the kitchen, bathroom, and other high-traffic areas you want to be able to keep clean with little maintenance. Carpeting is great for upstairs rooms because it offers sound absorption and minimizes noise. Hardwood flooring is luxurious, elegant, and timeless–and can significantly increase your home’s resale value.

Tackle Your Kitchen Renovation

Another home remodeling project that can breathe new life into your home is a kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the heart of the house, where the family comes together to eat, socialize, work, and just spend time in each other’s company. If your kitchen is old, outdated, and not as functional as you want it to be, there are a few different kitchen remodeling jobs you can do to make it more comfortable and in line with your family’s needs. Installing a kitchen island gives you more space for storage, food prep, socializing, and entertaining. New kitchen flooring or kitchen cabinets can spruce up a kitchen, making it warmer and more inviting. Updating appliances and increasing storage options will make your kitchen easier to cook in. Installing new kitchen countertops will make your kitchen brighter and easier to keep clean.

Try Some Simple Bathroom Remodeling Hacks

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t need to be a huge, expensive, and lengthy undertaking. There are a few simple bathroom remodeling jobs that you can do that make a huge difference as to how functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing your bathroom is. First, you can update your bathroom’s flooring. If the flooring is old, stained, cracked, broken, or just worn out, installing new luxury vinyl or laminate flooring can make a world of difference. You can also consider new bathroom cabinets and countertops–both can make a big impact with a relatively small investment. 

Invest in Upgrades

If you’re planning on selling your home or renting it out to tenants in the next 5-10 years, you should start investing in upgrades that improve the resale value of your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling, your home is an investment that you and your family have spent years turning into the comfortable and beautiful place it is today. Certain key, strategic upgrades can make your life easier and your home more comfortable. Consider upgrading appliances, lighting, hardware and fixtures, flooring, countertops, and cabinetry to give your home a little facelift. 

Pay Attention to Neglected Areas

A home remodeling project is the perfect time to start paying attention to neglected areas of your home. If there’s a room that has only been used for storage, clean it out and turn it into a gym, guest room, or office. If you’re always complaining about the lack of space in your kitchen, talk to a designer about opening it up and creating more functional space. Talk to your contractor or design consultant about the hidden opportunities in your home and how to maximize them. 

Consider Repairing Rather than Replacing

When you have the opportunity to, consider repairing rather than replacing. If your kitchen flooring still has a lot of years left in it but needs some maintenance, ask your contractor about flooring repairs. Alternatively, consider cabinet refacing rather than installing all new cabinets. 

Are You Ready to Start Talking About Your Home Remodeling Plans for 2023? Come See Us Today!

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