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Tips for Making Timeless Decisions for Your Kitchen Remodel

Posted on: July 13, 2022
By: Mike Abatiell

A kitchen remodel can be a lengthy process, and it’s not one that you will necessarily want to repeat year after year. Before beginning a kitchen remodel, it’s beneficial to look at as much design inspiration as possible, so that you’ll be sure you’re choosing a kitchen design that will work for you for years to come. Some kitchen remodel designs are timeless, and those are the easiest to incorporate into your existing home décor. A great kitchen remodel can last a lifetime. At Abatiello Design Center, we can help you plan the kitchen remodel of your dreams, without sacrificing function for style. 

Don’t Sacrifice Space for Trendy Ideas

Certain kitchen remodeling trends will come and go, but you shouldn’t sacrifice form or function to follow design trends. Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, and if nothing else, it should be functional! Before you double the size of your kitchen island or change your plans to accommodate the enormous refrigerator that is in this year, take a moment to think about what will make your kitchen easier to use. Open spaces, plenty of storage, and room for more than one person to be in the kitchen at once are three things that make a kitchen more functional. 

Avoid Obstructions to Doors and Cabinets

An easy mistake to make in your first kitchen remodeling project is to forget to check clearance for doors and cabinets. Make sure that kitchen cabinets can open fully without obstruction, and that the dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator doors also have enough room to open. If you have specialty appliances that you want to have out on your counters, make sure there is enough clearance between the top of the counter and bottom of the kitchen cabinet to accommodate the height of the appliances.

Make Storage a Priority

One of the biggest issues our customers want us to overcome when handling a kitchen remodel is inadequate storage. A kitchen island can add valuable storage solutions to your kitchen, but don’t go too big, or you’ll lose floor space. At Abatiello Design Center, we can recommend some ingenious kitchen storage tips that will add extra storage, like a lazy Susan in your cabinets to make extra room for canned food or spice jars. You’ll never regret having extra space to stash things out of the way and keep your countertops clear.

Use High-Quality Materials

When it comes to choosing your kitchen remodeling materials, don’t skimp on quality. Using high-quality materials may cost a little more, but it’s worth it in the end. High-quality kitchen craftsmanship and materials are a wise investment, as the resulting work will last a lifetime rather than needing to be replaced after 5 years. It is safer during a kitchen remodel to choose materials you know you can trust, like durable travertine stone for tiling, and marble or granite for countertops. When sealed, these materials are incredibly durable, can withstand anything, and are also absolutely beautiful.

Choose Neutral Cabinetry with Clean Lines

While kitchen cabinetry trends change radically from year to year, you’re better off opting for a clean, neutral design for your kitchen cabinetry. Kitchen cabinetry with a simple design and clean lines will look stylish for years to come, rather than immediately making your expensive kitchen remodel look outdated in two years when a new type of kitchen cabinetry is in style. Simple, neutral kitchen cabinetry is also much easier to clean, and easier to paint if you decide you want to try out a new color down the road. At Abatiello Design Center, we have an incredible array of choices for kitchen cabinetry and hardware in our showroom. 

Opt for Natural Materials

Natural materials will last longer, look better, and save you money in the end. Materials like real wood and stone make for a timeless kitchen remodel design that will always look classy, no matter how the trends change. Stone flooring or a marble backsplash adds durability and longevity to your kitchen, ensuring you won’t need to undergo another kitchen remodel for twenty years or more. At Abatiello Design Center, we carry real hardwood kitchen cabinetry; granite, soapstone, marble, and quartz for kitchen countertops; and hardwood, tile, and natural stone flooring options.

Create an Open Layout

An open layout will make your kitchen easier to use while also allowing it to become a gathering place in your home. Without a huge dividing wall between the kitchen and the rest of the house, cooking won’t feel like a solitary activity. The family can hang out while you cook, making it more of a social event. Open layout kitchens also offer an opportunity to utilize your space in a more functional way. Just take a look at our gallery to see examples of how stunning our open layout kitchens are!

Why Choose Us? 

At Abatiello Design Center, we’re a one-stop shop for all of your design and remodeling needs. We provide all services in-house, and we’re a locally owned and operated business. We provide design consultation, and coordinate everything from planning to execution to installing. Our goal is for our clients to feel like they have an expert with them every step of the way from concept to design to execution, so that none of their questions go unanswered. Our team is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly, and customer service is always a priority and core value. 

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In addition to offering high-quality kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, we also offer professional design and flooring installation services. Check out the rest of our services at Abatiello Design Center

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