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Exploring the Many Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: September 12, 2023
By: Mike Abatiell

Hardwood flooring has become more popular over the years as homeowners have discovered it isn’t as expensive as they assumed, and it is durable, elegant, and offers an amazing return on investment. If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, you should be aware of the benefits of hardwood flooring. Installing hardwood flooring will create a safe, comfortable, and low-maintenance home that looks amazing. Keep reading to learn more, and then schedule a consultation for installation of hardwood flooring in Vermont, Upstate New York, and New Hampshire.  

Enhanced Beauty & Timeless Elegance

There is a reason that hardwood flooring is considered timeless. It enhances the natural beauty of any home, and creates a space that is elegant, versatile, and will last for a lifetime. If you’re renovating your home and want to install flooring that will complement any decor and look gorgeous for decades, you should consider hardwood flooring. You can choose between a wide variety of colors, finishes, styles, and types of wood, and your wood flooring can be stained or painted in any color. 

Ease of Maintenance

Contrary to myth, hardwood flooring is actually very easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors can be treated to resist pests and insects, as well as stains and moisture. You can clean a hardwood floor with a steam cleaner, dust mop, broom, mop, or vacuum cleaner. Natural wood flooring is actually much more resistant to stains, damage, and other hazards than carpeting. You can also re-seal, re-treat, and re-stain hardwood flooring to further protect it and maintain its beauty and lifespan.   

Durable with a Long Lifespan

One of the biggest benefits of hardwood flooring is that it is incredibly durable. While natural hardwood is at risk of scratching, gouging, denting, cracking, and warping, it can be treated and protected to reduce the risk of these problems. Hardwood flooring is also easy to repair—much easier than repairing or replacing tiles or carpeting. With proper care and maintenance, a hardwood floor can last for decades.  

Reduced Dust & Germs

Hardwood floors don’t trap dust, pollen, animal danger, pathogens, bacteria, or other contaminants and allergens. They are a much more sanitary option than other types of flooring, particularly carpeting. Dust, germs, mud, and other contaminants can sink into and become absorbed into carpet fibers. No matter how well you vacuum, they will not be removed. Sealed hardwood flooring offers no place for contaminants to be harbored, and you can easily clean and disinfect the surface at any time.  

Amazing Return on Investment

The benefits of hardwood flooring installation far outweigh the costs. Wood flooring is easy to clean, less likely to be damaged, and is easily maintained and repaired. Hardwood floors can last for generations with proper care and maintenance. They are also attractive and elegant and can add value to your home. If you plan on selling your home in the future, you should consider hardwood flooring an investment in your future sales price.  

Easy to Refinish & Repair

If your hardwood flooring does become damaged, cracked, faded, or splintered, it is possible to refinish your flooring. Refinishing is much less expensive than installing new flooring. You can sand away imperfections or old paint and stain or repaint the wood to your preferences. Hardwood flooring is also easy to repair. You can replace or repair one or two boards, rather than needing to rip out the old flooring and install new flooring. 

Incredible Versatility

If you decide it’s time to remodel or renovate your home, it’s very easy to change the appearance of your hardwood flooring. As mentioned above, it’s easy to refinish or stain your flooring to complement your home’s changing aesthetic. You can even paint hardwood flooring to match any home design or interior decor. 

Improved Acoustics

Hardwood flooring can even improve the acoustics in your home. This is why most dance and music studios have hardwood flooring. The wood reduces vibration and hollow sounds. You can also further dampen the sound by using area rugs. 

Learn More About the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring in Vermont

Installing hardwood flooring is making an investment in the future value, beauty, and comfort of your home. Whether you’re designing a new home or planning a renovation or remodel, the benefits of hardwood flooring far outweigh the costs. Installing hardwood flooring offers an amazing return on investment by increasing your asking price for your home should you sell in the future. When you compare hardwood flooring to other types of flooring like vinyl flooring, tile flooring, and carpeting, hardwood flooring is more durable, low-maintenance, elegant, timeless, and long-lasting. 
At Abatiello Design Center, we specialize in flooring installation, floor repairs, commercial installations, and design consultations. We offer beautiful, natural hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl, carpeting, tile, stone, and laminate. To schedule a consultation for hardwood flooring installation services in Upstate New York, Vermont, or New Hampshire, call us today at (802) 773-6300 or contact us online.

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